Time and Labor Management

Evolve Time Keeping addresses all your time and attendance requirements — from timecard management and labor cost tracking, to employee scheduling and absence management. By using configurable built-in workflows, this solution simplifies routine tasks such as approving timesheets, correcting exceptions, responding to time-off requests, and managing schedules. Real-time visibility makes it easy to manage exceptions, enforce work and pay rules, and update schedules for ongoing compliance and cost control. Additionally, robust reporting provides real-time insight to drive more informed decision making and help you optimize your labor spend. 

Labor costs are usually a company’s largest expense. With Evolve, you can manage labor activity with clear, real-time visibility. You can easily regulate costs and also see how labor costs are impacting your bottom line with our platform that’s built with robust reporting tools and simple-to-use functionality. By automating your time-tracking processes, your team can have greater transparency into the elements that drive your operation, including the identification and tracking of 280E applicable expenses.


Here are a few highlights:


CAPTURE ACCURATE TIMEKEEPING DATA Evolve Time offers a mobile app with geographic punch restrictions and a telephony option that captures employee time data via a landline or mobile phone

280E LABOR EXPENSE TRACKING, and the desired deductions under Cost-of-Goods-Sold (COGS), is possible when all labor expenses are properly identified and accounted for in your General Ledger reporting

TRACK AND UNDERSTAND TRUE LABOR COSTS by enforcing user-defined pay rules

MAINTAIN COMPLIANCE and payroll accuracy with simplified timecard management

MANAGE EXCEPTIONS, including missed punches and early/late arrivals, in real time

IMPLEMENT SCHEDULES that tightly align staffing with operational goals

TIME CLOCKS AND DEVICES Simple and intuitive, the InTouch® is durable, reliable, and easily customizable. Verify employee identity with biometric identification functionality that provides unparalleled accuracy. Or, if biometric identification isn’t right for your organization, the InTouch supports all major badge formats, including a new smart card reader.

Experience True Business Performance Increases