The Evolve Onboarding solution is an on-line process that brings together many critical system attributes to ensure that your new employees have a positive onboarding experience while also ensuring that all required steps are completed. HR Process Automation is central to how this process, and all others, are managed within the system.

Forms & Acknowledgments

    • Task Notifications and Reminders
    • W-4 Profile
    • Direct Deposit
    • Address Update
    • Policy Acknowledgments

I-9 / eVerify

    • Task Notifications and Reminders
    • Employee Input
      Manager Input
    • Realtime eVerify Approval (optional)
    • Upload and Store Verification Document Images

Cannabis licenses & Certifications

    • Task Notifications and Reminders
    • State-by-State Requirements:
    • i.e.  Licenses / Permits / Cards / Badges / etc…
    • Upload and Store Verification Document Images

Company Asset Allocations

    • Task Notifications and Reminders
    • Required Assets Issued and Tracked:
    • i.e. Uniforms / gloves / tools / laptops / mobile phones / etc.…
    • Issue Security Badges

Benefits Enrollment

    • Task Notifications and Reminders
    • New Hire
    • Based on Plan Rules i.e. At hire Dates or (xx) days after hires
    • Life Events
      i.e. Marriage / Birth of Child L Loss of Coverage
    • Upload and Store Verification Document Images

Client Defined New Hire Program Attributes

    • Task Notifications and Reminders
    • Schedule Orientation
    • Assign Manager
      in Learning Programs
    • Background Checks
      WOTC (Tax Credits)
    • Additional Acknowledgements

Evolve Onboarding includes all related tasks, such as validating and uploading an image of a budtender’s state-issued permit, to ensure compliance. Evolve Onboarding will also guide the new employee through new hire forms, enrollments (benefits or direct deposit), and acknowledgments. Each step in the process can be monitored for completion and includes reminders and (ultimately) escalations if necessary to ensure completion and compliance.

Here is an example of some of the system attributes that can be included in the onboarding process:

    • New Hire Forms
    • Enrollments
    • Cannabis Compliance Management
    • Asset Allocations
    • Document Storage and Retention
    • I-9, E-Verify
    • WOTC
    • Background Checks

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